EdgeStar Titanium IP210TI Review

The EdgeStar Titanium IP210TI portable ice maker is a compact unit that’s perfect for RVs, BBQs, a break room or anywhere else you need ice on-demand. It works quickly, producing ice in as little as 10 minutes. It has a stylish modern design and quality craftsmanship that make this ice machine a top choice.

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Select from 3 Ice Sizes

Customize your cubes by selecting from 3 different sizes, small, medium and large. Make up to 28 pounds of bullet shaped cubes per day. Push button control panel makes operating this machine fast and easy. Simply select your size and press start to begin.

Standalone Model

No installation necessary. You won’t need to attach this device to any water lines or drains. Simply fill the reservoir with fresh clean water to get started. Any ice that melts will drip back into the reservoir, recycling the water internally.

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Features and Specifications

  • Makes Fresh Ice in 10 Minutes or Less
  • Makes Up to 28 Pounds of Ice per Day
  • Push Button Control Panel with Selectable Ice Sizes
  • Compact Size Fits on the Countertop
Model:Titanium IP210TI
Dimensions:14 1/2″ H x 11 3/4″ W x 14 1/2″ D
Weight:45 Pounds

Customer Reviews

At the time of writing this review, the EdgeStar Titanium IP210TI portable ice maker had a lot of very positive customer reviews on Amazon. The majority of the reviewers agreed that this was a solid option. However, there are some people who were not as happy.

Click on the link below and read the customer reviews for yourself before deciding on this countertop ice machine.

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The EdgeStar Titanium IP210TI portable ice machine is a quality choice among models in its price range. It doesn’t have any fancy features, but it doesn’t really need them either. Based on the reviews, you can see that this is a quality, reliable ice maker. I would gladly recommend this unit to anyone.

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