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The Igloo EKU-ROG-WHT ICE108-SILVER is your average, run of the mill, 26 pounds per day ice maker. What really sets it apart is the fact that it has a very large window on the door and the fact that it has received nothing but very positive reviews, earning it a top rating. Other than that it is actually what you might expect from a portable ice maker, which make no mistake, is definitely a good thing. A batch of ice is finished in just six minutes, and the cubes are actually square instead of bullet shaped like other ice makers.

Igloo ICE103 Review

Are you looking for a portable ice maker that can really crank out the ice? You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how quickly this little unit can produce cubes. The ice is not kept in a frozen compartment, so it will melt back into the reservoir. However, this machine will wake back up when the ice tray gets low and turn that melted water right back into ice! While this model may be a little large for a small counter top, it can produce enough ice in one day to fill over three 7 pound bags you’d buy from the store (the smaller bags). All you have to do is remember to keep the reservoir full of water.