Ivation IVAICEM15SIL High Capacity Icemaker Review

The Ivation IVAICEM15SIL high capacity icemaker is one of the most advanced portable icemakers on the market. It has a sleek, modern design along with efficient engineering and great features.

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Removable Ice Tray

The removable ice tray makes making drinks easy. You can pull the whole tray out and bring it to your table or bar for preparation.

You can also dump the tray into another container to store even more ice. This is great for stocking up on cubes before a big event.

Large See-Through Window

Easily see how much ice has been made without ever opening up your ice machine. The large see-through window makes monitoring production quick and easy.

Modern Refrigerator Compression Technology

The modern compressor is efficient and quiet. Save energy and enjoy almost silent operation.

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Features and Specifications

  • 2 Selectable Cube Sizes
  • Easy Push Button Interface
  • Low Water Level and Maximum Ice Reached LED Alerts
  • Large 2.5 Quart Reservoir
  • Produce 26.5 Pounds of Ice Per Day
Dimensions:15.9 x 15.6 x 12 inches
Weight:21.3 pounds

User Reviews

At the time of writing this review, the Ivation IVAICEM15SIL had only received a few reviews on Amazon, but every one was positive.

People have been saying really good things about this model. See the customer reviews in the link at the bottom.

Some things to consider. Like any appliance that has a compressor this ice maker is going to make some noise. Ice falling into the basket is going to make noise as well. Unfortunately, there aren’t any completely silent models available.

Like most portable icemakers, there isn’t any internal refrigeration. That doesn’t mean the ice is going to melt right away either. The ice will melt eventually though, much like being stored in a cooler.

See what real customers have to say


The Ivation IVAICEM15SIL is compact, efficient and versatile. It’s easy to use and performs its job well. It looks nice and the price is definitely right, on par with most icemakers of the same size and capacity. Based on the 5 star reviews across the board, I can definitely recommend this ice machine to anyone.

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  1. The part of the Ivation portable icemaker (gray model) is easy to clean in the basket area and it’s covered in the user manual, but I am having difficulty cleaning the back part of the icemaker that I cannot get to and is covered with black film. It is very much in need of brushing/cleaning as there is a black film on this part of the icemaker which could be a health hazard. How can I get to the back of the inside of the icemaker to keep it clean. Other than that I like the icemaker. I have only used filtered water in the icemaker. I don’t want to break the icemaker in order to clean it but I can’t use it until I feel it is clean enough to be safe. Any suggestions.

    1. Fill it up with half water half vinegar mix and let it sit for 24 hours. Should clean it right up.

  2. Need HELP, asked about two weeks ago ,no reply yet?
    Item is now 18 mo and does great! Having intermittent trouble w/water pump,(yea water full),use only filtered water,and use it weekly.Pump will agitate and make noise as if not pulling water.It took bout 7 hrs. of intermittent on off cycling for it to finally pump.What that means is about 14 to 16 times I tried.I’am savvy,is there a online site to order pump ,and instructions to change over/Or,is it a simple no brainer? please this time respond in a timely manner.

    1. Sorry Mike, the blog was completely bogged down with spam comments that made it extremely difficult to find the genuine ones. I’ve taken care of the problem now. If you’d like to attempt a repair (and the product is out of warranty) I would suggest pulling the pump and trying to identify a specific part number on it then searching for that part number online. Of course, since it is only a water pump, you likely wouldn’t need to find an exact replacement. You could use a volt meter to determine how much juice is going to the pump and find an appropriate replacement that runs on the same voltage. The voltage may simply be printed on the pump as well. There’s really no telling until you get the thing apart and take a look at it. Hope that points you in the right direction, good luck!

  3. Spending hours looking everywhere for the Pump on-line,the part is not found.Can’t even see who manufactures it,to go to their site.The pump part # is Model # ZLWB-12,DC 12 V 0.30 A.It’s easy to replace it, just need it.Can’t even cross ref. to same item diff.model #.What help can you give Me?

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