Ivation IVAICESML01 Review

The Ivation IVAICESML01 is definitely the most stylish ice maker Ivation has released. It has a large window to let you see inside, easy push button controls and warning alerts for low water and full ice capacity. It comes with a removable tray and an ice scoop which makes it easy to transport and use the ice you make in this portable ice maker.

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Modern Compressor Technology

The modern compressor design technology in this portable ice maker makes it very energy efficient to operate. This unit is nice and quiet and won’t run up your electric bill.

Compact Size

This ice maker won’t take up much more room on your counter top than a large toaster would. This is a very sleek and compact machine, although it can certainly produce a lot of ice as well.

Removable Tray

The removable tray makes it simple to transfer the ice you’ve made. This makes it really easy to collect a lot of ice in your freezer or in your cooler. Collect as much ice as you need and then turn your ice maker off. It’s just that easy to use.

Large See-Through Window

See everything that’s happening inside your ice maker. See if there’s ice in it before you open it up to avoid letting out the cold unnecessarily.

Easy-Push Touch Buttons

Setting up and using this ice maker couldn’t be easier. Just use the convenient push button controls and you’ll have your first batch of ice in just a few minutes.

Low Water Level & Ice Capacity Alerts

If your ice maker ever runs out of water or fills up with ice you will hear an alert come from the machine. This allows you to better manage your ice production and gives you the information you need exactly when you need it.

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Features and Specifications

  • Modern Compressor Refrigeration Technology for Efficient Ice Cube Making
  • Sleek Performance-Oriented Design and Compact Size, Removable Tray for Easy Ice Transfer
  • Large See-Through Window Allows for Process Monitoring & Ice Level Checking
  • Easy-Push Touch Buttons w/Intuitive Icons for Digital Control
  • Alerts for Peace of Mind: Low Water Level & Maximum Ice Capacity Reached

Customer Reviews

The Ivation IVAICESML01 has received many positive reviews from customers online. Most people would agree that it is a good value and also a reliable machine. However, some people were not as impressed. Use the link below to see real customer reviews to help you decide if this ice maker is right for you.

See what REAL customers have to say

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