Mr. Freeze MIM-18 Review

Are you sick of lugging bags of ice from the store and just want a dependable ice maker that does what it’s supposed to without any fancy bells and whistles? If so, I would recommend checking out the Mr. Freeze MIM-18.

It’s a 26 pound per day model that has a removable ice basket, an adorable plastic ice scoop that will fill a pint glass almost perfectly, and an attractive stainless steel finish to match a modern decor.

It may cost a tiny bit more than the competition, but it makes up for it in dependability. Some people have reported running machines from this brand for well over ten years without a problem.

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Up to 26 Pounds of Fresh Ice Every Day

This is about 25% more ice than two 10 pound bags you might get from the store. I’m talking the big bags of ice and not the small ones. Even if you have a large family gathering or an event that’s more than enough ice to fill everyone’s glasses all day. It’s also sufficient to keep a large cooler fully stocked on a camping trip, assuming that you have access to electricity and potable water.

Push Button Control and Indicator Lights/Sounds

Using this ice maker is a no-brainer. You just plug it in, fill the reservoir with water, select the size of the ice you want to make, and it will do the rest. It automatically turns off and gives you a short beep when the ice basket becomes full. There’s also an indicator that tells you when you need to fill the reservoir with more water. If you should happen to forget the ice in the basket, don’t worry. The ice will melt directly into the reservoir and as the basket empties the machine will turn back on and refill it with fresh ice.

Attractive stainless steel housing

Of course, I am impartial to stainless steel appliances in general, as you may have gathered from my other posts. I love the modern look. It’s easy to clean and won’t ever rust. I just think that it gives this machine a nice high-end look compared to the painted plastic models than can fade over time, especially if they’re left in direct sunlight.

External drain to easily drain excess water

This is a feature that I would definitely recommend in a portable ice maker. Yes, they may be called “portable” and they make look small in the picture online, however, once you get them home you’ll realize that flipping them upside down to empty the water out when you’re done using them is a huge pain in the you know what.

Includes ice bucket and shovel

The removable ice bucket makes it super easy to dump your ice into another container and throw it in the freezer to stockpile it for later. The ice does come out a little wet and may clump together, but it’s nothing that a good smashing won’t fix, so put the ice in a plastic bag and not a storage container. This model also happens to come with an adorable ice shovel, so you don’t have to worry about people sticking their dirty hands in your ice every time they make a drink. If you decide on another model, don’t forget to pick up a scoop!

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Features and Specifications

  • Produces up to 26 lbs. of ice per day and produces 9 pieces of ice per batch
  • Indicator light when ice is full and when it is low and easy to use push button control
  • Attractive stainless steel housing
  • External drain to easily drain excess water
  • Includes ice bucket and shovel

Customer Reviews

Most of the customer reviews online for the Mr. Freeze MIM-18 have been positive. People regard this brand, and especially this model, to be one of the most reliable choices on the market. Some people say that it’s a little noisy, but you can’t expect a compressor to be 100% silent.

While most people liked this model, some people were less than impressed. I recommend reading the customer reviews for yourself before deciding if this is the right choice for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, I’ll take a look at the most frequently asked questions about this model and provide you with my expert opinion.

Is the ice chewable?

The ice that comes from this machine is solid and not soft, however, with that being said, the cubes do have a hollow core that makes it super easy to chew this ice up. The ice is definitely A LOT easier to chew than bagged ice you get from the store.

How long does it take to make ice?

The first cycle takes about 12 minutes to produce ice because the unit is getting to temp. Once the first batch has run, each additional batch only takes 7-8 minutes to finish.

Does the melted ice recycle back into the system?

Yes, the melted ice does, in fact, recycle back into the system. The ice basket is located directly over the reservoir so any melted ice will return to the reservoir where it can be made back into fresh ice again.

Does this machine run on 110 or 220 volts?

Like most portable units, this machine runs on a standard 110-volt plugin like you’d find in almost every home. If you have a 220-volt plugin, you can get an adapter to convert the 220 volts to 110 volts without a problem.

Does this machine make crystal clear ice?

If you take a look at the stock photos of this device, you can see that the ice is opaque, yet they advertise it as crystal clear ice. The ice maker itself is not solely responsible for what the ice looks like when it comes out. If you start with filtered water, you will get clear ice. If you start with tap water, it will likely be more opaque depending on the quality of your water source.

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