Smart+ Products SPP15AIM Review

The Smart+ Products SPP15AIM is a compact, portable ice maker that’s ideal for any countertop or bar. It has a high quality commercial style stainless steel exterior that’s perfect for residential use. It produces ice quickly and makes more ice daily than comparable models.

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Hard Cubes in 3 Sizes

The problem with a lot of portable ice makers is that they don’t make ice that’s really hard. Most of the machines out there make soft ice that breaks up and melts quickly.

This machine makes ice in 3 sizes that’s considerable harder than the cubes of the competition. This isn’t ice that’s easy to chew. It’s more like the ice you would get from a freezer unit.

Stylish Stainless Exterior

Most ice makers do their job, but do they look good? This one certainly does. The stainless steel with black trim gives it the appeal of a commercial kitchen. It’s sure to match any modern decor and appliances.

Save up to 37% when you buy online

Features and Specifications

  • Well Insulated Container – Keeps Ice from Melting
  • Compact Size – Less than 15 Inches in Height
  • Produces Ice Fast – 6-10 Minutes on Average
  • Makes 33 Pounds of Ice Per Day – Stores 2 Pounds at a Time
Manufacturer:Smart+ Products
Dimensions:14.5 x 11.8 x 14.5 inches
Weight:27.8 pounds

Customer Reviews

As of the time I’m writing this article, the Smart+ Products SPP15AIM had a ton of customer reviews on Amazon.

A lot of the customer reviews had really good things to say about this portable ice machine. Some of the reviews were critical and should be looked at before making your final decision. You can see real customer reviews by following the link below.

See what real customers have to say


If you’re not a fan of soft ice, this is the model for you. It makes a lot of ice, looks nice and won’t take up a lot of space on your countertop. Based on all of the positive reviews, I can certainly recommend the Smart+ Products SPP15AIM to anyone.

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