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How to Make Big Ice Cubes for Cocktails

Want to add a bit of class to your cocktails? Learn how to make really big ice cubes for your next party.

Let’s face it, portable ice makers make cubes that are pretty tiny. They’re fine for filling a cooler, or every day use, but what if you want something truly unique?

Big ice cubes for your drinks don’t just look good, they also take a lot longer to melt. You can have a few ice cold rounds of your favorite mixers without refilling your ice.

Why Do Ice Cubes Crack in Drinks?

The age old question has finally been answered: why do ice cubes crack in drinks?

Long story short, ice cubes crack because of differential expansion. This is basically saying that when the ice hits your drink, which is warmer than the ice is, the outside of the ice warms up faster than the inside of the ice.

Since the outside warms up faster, it begins to expand. This expansion happens faster than the cold inside, which causes the cubes to crack up.